• Aerospace

    Our aviation and aerospace tapes offer high performance and meet industry flammability specifications including UL and FAR. We provide a range of standard and bespoke double sided self adhesive tapes for some aviation and aerospace applications. These tapes are specially engineered offer excellent cohesion in extreme temperatures and to high and low surface energy substrates…. Read more

  • Automotive

    We offer an extensive range of high performance adhesive tapes that are designed and engineered for most automotive applications. As this industry changes so rapidly, it’s important to have reliable product solutions that can cope with new materials and assembly processes. Our partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers of automotive adhesives give us the… Read more

  • Building and Construction

    Cutting-edge industrial tapes and adhesives for the building and construction sectors. These tapes ideal for a number of fixing and bonding applications for both domestic or commercial  use. Industrial tapes and adhesives are engineered to offer performance, strength and shear for lightweight or demanding applications. They can also offer resistance to the environment and weather… Read more

  • Electronics

    Double sided tapes for electronic applications Tangent self adhesives offer a range of high performance double sided tapes for electronics assembly applications. These tapes offer clean, effective and economical solutions for consumer electronic parts and components. If you are you an OEM, ODM, EMS, or Display Maker in the electronics industry then we will help… Read more

  • Foam and Rubber Bonding Solutions

    We have a wide range of high performance double sided tapes specifically engineered for bonding to flexible foams and rubber substrates such as, PE, PU, PVC, EPDM and other impregnated foams. Typical applications include Automotive Aerospace Packaging Insulation Building & construction. Our products exhibit high adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including LSE surfaces,… Read more

  • Printing, Graphics, POS and Signage

    Double Sided Tapes for Printing, Graphics, POS and Signage Our range of double sided tapes offer practical, efficient and alternative bonding methods to conventional mechanical fixings for printing, graphics, POS, signage, displays and other promotional materials. They offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, together with good weather resistant properties, high temperature and UV stability…. Read more

  • Retail and Consumer

    Many of our adhesive tapes and foam products have established applications within and around the retail and consumer industries, these include the home user, handicraft and DIY markets. Our range of double sided adhesive tapes can be offered in flush edge or finger lift presentation and can be custom presented in consumer rolls, pads or… Read more

Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd. is an authorised Avery Dennison distributor.
Avery Dennison

From the blog

We have recently purchased a new unit, which will allow us increase our conversion capabilities here in Northampton, UK. This is a great opportunity for us to build on our longstanding success of supplying high quality products, solutions and innovations from within our range of stock raw material adhesives. We will have a dedicated goods in/out as… Read more

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