Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is double-sided tape?

Simply a Double sided tape is a pressure-sensitive tape coated with adhesive on both sides. The primary function is to bond two surfaces together allowing the end user to replace the use of mechanical fixings without compromising on performance or strength. This can give a neat looking finish to most applications, reduce labour intensive work and offer an alternative solution to many end users. There are double sided tapes for almost any industry and application. For a more detailed explanation, please have a look at this link on wikipedia

What’s the best double sided tape

This all depends upon your application and performance requirements, there’s no one size fits all. There would be little point in using an automotive grade double sided tape for a lightweight crafting application. Likewise using a general purpose crafting tape in an automotive application might not be advisable. The ‘best’ double sided tape would be selected based on your application, surfaces to be bonded, performance requirements and other factors such as weight, UV, Weathering, Chemicals, permanent or peelable, price and quantity will also be important . Critically you would test the tape first to check suitability.

What is double sided tape used for?

Double sided tape is used for bonding two surfaces together. This could be a lightweight general purpose application such as bonding an envelope or a highly demanding automotive or aerospace application that requires a tape to withstand extreme temperatures and other environmental challenges.

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