Self Adhesive Edging Tape

*This is a flexible paper based, self adhesive edging tape and may not be suitable for use directly onto wood/chipboard*

Flexible, easy to apply, high tack, self adhesive edging tape, for use on display board applications that require a decorative edge.

Our Self Adhesive Edging Tape is designed to provide a decorative finish to exposed edges on lightweight display boards or similar type applications.

This paper based product is flexible, conformable and easy to apply by hand. It features a strong, high tack self adhesive backing that provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and a removable plastic liner. It works particularly well on honeycomb centre display boards, where there is a very small surface area to bond to.

Because it is a pressure sensitive tape, the end user must ensure that all surfaces are dry, free from dust and debris and are clean prior to application. It is not a glue, or heat activated product, so the end user must apply firm even pressure during application.

As standard, the product is available in two colours only:

  1. White (non-embossed finish)
  2. Black (embossed finish)

Can I use this product for edging cupboards?

Although we did not design this product for use on cupboard edges, we receive many enquiries from customers about whether the product is suitable. The main questions to consider are:

What is the substrate you are bonding to?

Chipboard or bare wood are not ideal surfaces for a tape to bond to because the edges can have dust, debris or loose particles present. Bonding to a pre-edged surface then would be a better option to try. Alternatively sealing the edges first might help the tape to bond.

Most importantly, you should always try a sample first before committing any purchase to ensure product suitability.

Will the tape come into contact water/liquids/high moisture?

This is a paper based tape and is not water resistant. We would not recommend use in areas of water, moisture or liquids.

How much material do you need?

Please consider that we do not sell this product as individual rolls, it is only available in the box/size quantities as listed below.

This product is also commonly known as self adhesive edging tape, self adhesive edge trim, self adhesive edge banding or self adhesive edging strip.

Black and White Self Adhesive Edging Tapewhite-black-edging-tape-18mm-x-25-mts

Standard Colours and Sizes

Our self adhesive edging tape is available in the following sizes in White and Black only (Ex-stock)

10mm x 25 metres – available in minimums of 25 rolls (1 x box)
16mm x 25 metres – available in minimums of 16 rolls (1 x box)
18mm x 25 metres – available in minimums of 14 rolls (1 x box) This is a non-standard stock size, please enquire about available stock.

6mm x 25 metres (Non-standard stock size) This is a non-standard stock size, please enquire about available stock.

Bespoke Colours and Sizes

Although we only make white and black as standard, we have the capability to make this in up to 24 other non-standard colour options.

Non-standard colours are available in minimum production quantities, depending upon size required. Please enquire for more information.

We can also manufacture self adhesive edging tape in almost any width required. Rolls are presented in 25 metre lengths as this gives the best final presentation and handling.

The product can be further customised by potentially changing the face stock material or adhesive to give you a fully bespoke product made to suit your own application.

Our self adhesive edging tape is manufactured solely by Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd in the UK. This ensures that we we can offer you a fast, quality service on both custom-made and standard products.

Please contact us here if you would like further information on any of our pressure sensitive tapes and solutions.

Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd. is an authorised Avery Dennison distributor.
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