Printing, Graphics, POS and Signage

Double Sided Tapes for Printing, Graphics, POS and Signage

Our range of double sided tapes offer practical, efficient and alternative bonding methods to conventional mechanical fixings for printing, graphics, POS, signage, displays and other promotional materials.

They offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, together with good weather resistant properties, high temperature and UV stability.

Industrial tapes can simplify, enhance and improve the production and performance of short and long-term signage reducing the need to use screws, rivets or nails.

From mounting estate agent boards to road sign assembly, fixing nameplates, labels, displays and lighting, whatever your application needs, we can help you find the right solution.

Typical products:

  • AFB acrylic foam bond, high performance viscoelastic semi structural foamed adhesive
  • Double coated PE foam tapes, offering good adhesion to plastics, metals and LSE surfaces for interior and exterior applications
  • Differential adhesive tapes, perm/peel, perm/semi-perm adhesive systems
  • Adhesive tapes with resistance to plasticisers
  • High clarity and optically clear adhesives for glass and plastics
  •  Moisture stable release liners for large format sheet laminates
  • Coating widths from 1000mm to 1500mm

We can offer all our industrial tapes in custom slit widths, rolls, sheets and cut shapes, converted to suit your exact requirements.

If you want us to apply adhesive to your materials, we have lamination capabilities up to 1600mm wide and can work with rolls or sheets.

Please click here to speak to us about your application.

Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd. is an authorised Avery Dennison distributor.
Avery Dennison

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