Avery Dennison FT239 Double Sided Tape

Avery Dennison FT239 is a 245 μm thick (liner+adhesive+carrier) double coated tape. It has a high coat-weight, permanent soft synthetic rubber adhesive coated onto both sides of a tissue carrier.

FT239 is a very aggressive product and is designed for applications that require immediate adhesion to rough or foam substrates. It is ideal for laminating to polyester urethane, skinned foams and fabrics and also bonds very well to HDPE, LDPE and other Low Surface Energy (LSE) substrates. It is also widely used as a splicing tape and for general purpose bonding applications where immediate high tack is required.

FT239 is also one of our excellent fingerlift tape products and offers the end user an aggressive fingerlift tape solution over more general purpose options on the market. This is due to it’s excellent soft, aggressive, high coat-weight synthetic rubber adhesive. This can be converted to almost any size required. Some of our typical standard sizes include:

  • 6mm adhesive/12mm liner x 50 metres or 6/12 x 50m fingerlift tape
  • 12mm/18mm x 50 metres fingerlift tape
  • 18mm/24mm x 50 metres fingerlift tape
  • 24mm/30mm x 50 metres fingerlift tape
  • 27mm/33mm x 500 metres fingerlift tape
  • 27mm/33mm x 1500 metres fingerlift tape
  • We can also make our fingerlift tape in various lengths and other custom sizes for you.

Avery FT239 continues to be on of our main product lines and we have stocked this excellent product since it was first developed by Avery, which must now be over 20+ years and counting.

Technical info

  • Adhesive type = permanent sythnetic rubber adhesive
  • Carrier type = low density open tissue
  • Liner type = blue-green glassine paper
  • Adhesive + carrier thickness = 160µm
  • Liner thickness = 85µm
  • Total thickness = 245µm

Typical applications

  • Foams and fabric bonding
  • Gasketing
  • Sealing
  • Sound dampening
  • Laminating to acrylic impregnated PU foams
  • Splicing tape
  • General purpose bonding
  • Double sided fingerlift tape
  • Laminating polyester urethane and skinned foams
  • Low surface energy substrate bonding (LSE)

Features and benefits

  • Extremely high tack aggressive adhesive
  • High coat-weight, thick adhesive mass
  • Low density open tissue carrier
  • Easy release liner, blue-green glassine paper.
  • Excellent initial adhesion to various substrates
  • Good when bonding to uneven surfaces
  • Exceptional conformability and capable of anchoring to low density foams
  • Facilitates easy removal at point of application
Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd. is an authorised Avery Dennison distributor.
Avery Dennison

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