Custom Self Adhesive Tape Solutions

A unique solution made only for your application

Custom self adhesive tape solutions allow you to have a bespoke product made to your exact requirements. We can help you by offering our expert knowledge on suitable adhesive tape constructions, final presentation, application and handling for the end user.

Not all applications require a bespoke solution, but almost any of our tapes can be customised to enhance the user experience.

Examples of some custom self adhesive tape solutions include:

  • Custom fingerlift edge to one or both sides of a roll or shape
  • Custom fingerlift stripe pattern across the web width.
  • Bespoke die cut shape presented loose, as sheets or on a roll
  • Sandwich construction of multiple adhesives technologies to meet the demands of the application
  • Adding/changing liners to enhance the finished product
  • Combing adhesives and other components to create a unique product solution (Foams, Fabrics, Metals etc.)

Choosing a custom self adhesive tape solution could improve your product, process or application and add value to the end user.

The benefits of using custom self adhesive tape solutions can be found specifically within the automotive industry where it is critical for the production line to keep moving. Bespoke adhesive tape solutions have helped to transform the process of bonding of components together by reducing labour time and costs. Self adhesive tape technologies have reduced the need for mechanical fixings and helped to streamline the construction of modern day vehicles.

Understanding your application will allow us to help you select the correct adhesive construction or presentation to give you a bespoke custom self adhesive tape solution, tailored to your exact requirements.

We can work with you to design your custom self adhesive tape solutions based on your own drawings or specific requirements.

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