• AFB – Acrylic Foam Bond Tapes

    High strength bonding, strong tack and adhesion for a wide range of substrates AFB acrylic foam adhesive offers a high level of bonding strength designed for a broad range of applications. Featuring a high density viscoelastic foamed core, with excellent environmental resistance and easy release liners (paper or film). Our range of AFB tapes provide an… Read more

  • Double Sided Foam Pads

    Double sided foam pads are ideal for use with irregular surfaces and offer great adhesion to many substrates Using a double sided foam pad allows you to bond a range of diverse materials together. A double sided foam pad also works very well on variable or curved surfaces. Our range of stock white double sided… Read more

  • Double Sided Foam Tapes

    We can help you find the right bonding solution We offer PVC, PU and PE Foams double coated with a range of adhesives that are highly durable, bond well to a number of substrates and have great ageing qualities. Double sided foam tapes are ideal for bonding, sealing, dampening, mounting, protetcing and fixing both high… Read more

  • Double Sided Tapes

    Double Sided Tapes allow you to bond two surfaces together quickly and easily, giving you a high quality, reliable and permanent bond. Our extensive range of double sided tapes provide you with a comprehensive choice of carrier, adhesive and liner constructions suitable for your specific application. These high performance tapes offer you economical and effective… Read more

  • Double Sided Transfer Tapes

    Double sided transfer tapes consist of a film of unsupported adhesive coated onto a silconised release liner. The release liner has silicone on both sides to ensure that the tape unwinds easily to enable efficient lamination to a variety of substrates Our transfer tapes are available in rubber, acrylic and modified acrylic adhesive systems to… Read more

  • FT7206FL Double Sided Fingerlift Tape

    Easy to tear, general purpose double sided fingerlift tissue tape for lightweight bonding applications. FT7206FL double sided fingerlift tape is a high quality rubber based tissue tape. It has an extended release liner on both sides, which creates the fingerlift edge and this allows the end user to easily remove the liner to expose the… Read more

  • Self Adhesive Edging Tape

    *This is a flexible paper based, self adhesive edging tape and is not suitable for use on chipboard* About Self Adhesive Edging tape? This product construction is a flexible, paper based self adhesive edging tape that helps to give you a decorative finish on products and applications that have an exposed edge or side. It features a… Read more

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Avery Dennison

From the blog

We’ve recently partnered with our sister company,, who specialise in selling individual rolls of bespoke self adhesive tapes online These will soon be available online via amazon UK and ebay UK. The aim of is to bring industrial adhesive tape technology to the home or DIY user that need something extra special for jobs at home or in the… Read more

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