Double sided tapes for electronic applications

Tangent self adhesives offer a range of high performance double sided tapes for electronics assembly applications. These tapes offer clean, effective and economical solutions for consumer electronic parts and components.

If you are you an OEM, ODM, EMS, or Display Maker in the electronics industry then we will help you find the right double sided tape for your application.

Our double sided tapes offer high bond strength, resistance to elevated temperatures, moisture and humidity and the ability to work on both high and low energy substrates.

Our Double sided tapes for electronics can be presented in rolls, sheets, strips or custom shapes designed to fit your components exactly.

Typical Applications

  • Bonding tapes for curved substrates
  • Optically clear adhesives
  • Lens and screen mounting
  • Moisture and dust seals
  • LCD reflector mounting
  • Anti rattle and vibration solutions
  • High adhesion and shear performance
  • Mesh and felt mounting adhesives for keypad attachment and housing assemblies
  • Bonding printed graphics, panels and fascias

Please click here to contact us for more information on our range of double sided tapes for electronics and how they can help your application.

Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd. is an authorised Avery Dennison distributor.
Avery Dennison

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