Double Sided Fingerlift Tapes

Double sided fingerlift tapes feature an extended liner to help you apply the tape to your application and remove the liner quickly and easily.

As a manufacturer of double sided fingerlift tapes, we have highly flexible and efficient production capabilities giving you the option to have almost any combination of adhesive and liner, in nearly any width and length.

As standard, our fingerlift tapes are available with the liner extended on both sides, but if required, you can the fingerlift edge on one side only, aka flush edge. This option can be added to to almost any of our carrier supported double sided tapes.

Because the liner is wider than the adhesive, fingerlift tapes are commonly presented with the adhesive/liner size x the length of roll. For example, 6mm adhesive/12mm Liner x length.

These sizes can be customised to meet your application needs.

Our standard fingerlift tapes can be made in roll lengths ranging from 50 metres to 1000 metres. Fingerlift transfer tape can be offered in pancake rolls up to 2000 metres in length.

All of our fingerlift presentations can be presented in spool or bobbin wound format in variable lengths according to tape width.

We have standard fingerlift products available in both high tack (FT5212 FL) and general purpose adhesives (FT7206 FL). These products are double sided fingerlift tissue tapes and are hand tearable for ease of use.

Both FT7206 FL and FT5212 FL are available ex-stock in the following sizes:

  • 6mm/12mm x 50 metres
  • 12mm/18mm x 50 metres
  • 18mm/24mm x 50 metres

Our standard double sided fingerlift tapes are ideal for general purpose bonding, i.e arts, crafts and packaging, brochures, cards, paper and other similar applications.

It’s important to note that there is no ‘one size fits all solution’  to fingerlift tapes, or double sided tapes in general. So to ensure that you are using the right product (and also not paying over the odds) we would recommend that you always test a sample on your own application.

If your application is more demanding, then you may need a higher performance fingerlift tape to get the results you need. In that case, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We have a wide range of quality, high performance adhesives available which may be better suited to your application.

Die Cut Pads and Shapes

Our fingerlift option is also available on all die cut pad and shape presentations. These can also be customised to suit your specific needs We can create a fingerlift option from both paper and filmic release liners.

The following products are also available with a fingerlift presentation:

  • Fingerlift transfer tapes
  • Fingerlift tissue tapes
  • Fingerlift non-woven tapes
  • Filmic, cloth and fabric Fingerlift tapes
  • Cellular foam and acrylic foam fingerlift tapes
  • Perm peel and differential adhesive fingerlift tapes

Typical Fingerlift Tape Applications:

  • Envelopes and packaging
  • Bag sealing
  • Print finishing and point of sale
  • Pads, shapes and gaskets
  • Handicraft and consumer

Custom Adhesive Stripe Patterns

Custom adhesive stripe patterns give you the option to build a fingerlift or adhesive-free area into your own laminates. We can manufacture these up to 1000mm wide and in variable patterns.

We specialise in the presentation of fingerlift liners and feature them in many aspects of our finished products. Increasingly, the use of high performance tapes in critical bonding applications means that the ability to remove a protective liner easily and efficiently is a necessity.

Our ability to convert performance adhesives into double sided fingerlift tapes means that the advantage of easy to remove process liners can be added into custom roll presentations and the most complex die cut shapes and composite constructions.

Click here to contact us for more information on our double sided fingerlift tape solutions and capabilities.

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