• Custom Self Adhesive Tape Solutions

    Sometimes you need more than a roll of tape to solve your problem… A custom self adhesive tape solution is a unique product designed to meet your demands. Perhaps you need a unique shape or construction to help with the assembly of your product, provide a solution to your application or adapt your process to… Read more

  • Die Cutting

    We have precision die cutting facilities to produce custom shapes for joining, bonding and sealing. Using our high performance adhesives, we can create single or multi-layer constructions shaped to meet your specific requirements. Features Fingerlift tabs Adhesive free zones to assist with location or removal of process liners; Perforations Custom printed release liners Presentations in rolls, sheets,… Read more

  • Double Sided Fingerlift Tapes

    Double sided fingerlift tapes feature an extended liner to help you apply the tape to your application and remove the liner quickly and easily. As a manufacturer of double sided fingerlift tapes, we have highly flexible and efficient production capabilities giving you the option to have almost any combination of adhesive and liner, in nearly any width and length. As standard, our fingerlift… Read more

  • Laminating

    Our in-house lamination facility enables us to apply any of our industrial adhesive tapes to other materials whether presented in sheets or rolls in widths up to 1600mm. These materials can be coated on one or both sides enabling us to offer you customised self adhesive laminates and presentations specifically designed to meet your individual… Read more

  • Lathe Slitting Service

    Our lathe slitting service gives you the option to have customised roll widths rather than having to work from standard sizes. This process enables efficient use of raw materials, minimises waste and offers high speed volume production together with consistent precision and quality of finished rolls. We can offer you a free trial on any… Read more

  • Slitting and Rewinding

    We specialise in handling raw materials supplied in bulk roll format and generally process finished roll orders on demand. To achieve this we have configured our slitting capabilities to be highly flexible, fast and efficient with the ability to convert a broad range of materials. Click here to find out how our slitting and rewinding service can… Read more

Tangent Self Adhesives Ltd. is an authorised Avery Dennison distributor.
Avery Dennison

From the blog

We’ve recently partnered with our sister company,, who specialise in selling individual rolls of bespoke self adhesive tapes online These will soon be available online via amazon UK and ebay UK. The aim of is to bring industrial adhesive tape technology to the home or DIY user that need something extra special for jobs at home or in the… Read more

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